May 11, 2010 rainmanagement

The Upfronts are a critical aspect of the entertainment industry. It is aptly titled the Upfronts because it is a meeting held during important advertising sales periods that is hosted by television broadcast network executives and attended by the press and major advertisers. The main purpose of the Upfronts is to allow advertisers and marketers an opportunity to purchase airtime for their advertisements “upfront” generally several months before the show is actually scheduled to air. In the United States, the Upfronts occur in New York City during the third week of May, which is also the last full week of the sweeps period. This is also an opportunity for the major networks to unveil their fall primetime schedules including tentative launch dates for new programming, as well as discussing each of their positions in the television marketplace.

Both industry insiders and outsiders alike covet this period. For the average fan, this period is when they find out if their favorite shows have been renewed and are going to return in the upcoming fall, or sadly if they’ve been cancelled. Experienced industry professionals know that this is an opportunity to get media buyers/advertisers to spend critical dollars to push out their brands. The networks leverage their shows created by perceived hitmakers to grab more ad dollars.

Meanwhile, back in Hollywood the network, studio executives, producers, and creators of these new shows are meeting with writers and other creative’s to bring on to their shows to help guarantee their future success. The attached link gives a preview of the 2010 Upfronts

Hope this was helpful and see you in The Big Apple!


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