The Information Divide Between Traditional And New Media

February 12, 2010 rainmanagement

At Rain we are always trying to stay current with respect to the merging of traditional and new media.  As new technologies continue to emerge how will we define the difference between the two?  Will today’s “new media” be tomorrow’s “traditional media”?  The attached article  by Brian Solis from is something we would like to share with our clients and friends.  We hope you will find it helpful.


In the era of the real-time web, information travels at a greater velocity than the infrastructure of mainstream media can support as it exists today. As events materialize, the access to social publishing and syndication platforms propels information across attentive and connected nodes that link social graphs all over the world. Current events are now at the epicenter of global attention as social media makes the world a much smaller place.

It’s a timely subject as Clay Shirky will discuss how social media can make history at this year’s TED conference. Indeed social media is changing, documenting, and also making history, revolutionizing once invincible industries that are now paralyzed by confusion, fear, and ignorance. Although they’re reacting now, it will take more than the iPad, Kindle, Nook and other digital readers to revitalize the business of media.  PLEASE CLICK ON LINK BELOW FOR FULL ARTICLE


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