Not Just A Woman…Not Just A Speaker…Mikki Williams is AN EVENT

July 29, 2009 rainmanagement

Someone You Should Know: Mikki Williams

For those who are unfamiliar, allow us to introduce you to our client Mikki Williams – ” CSP, international speaker, trainer, consultant, coach, author, radio & TV personality, entrepreneur extraordinaire and mensch (Yiddish for very real human being).”  And if that wasn’t enough, we are proud to say Mikki has recently been ordained a reverend!

By mixing entertainment and humor with business savvy and knowledge, Mikki has achieved major success by sharing her insight and inspiration for life changing impact.  To see some of the articles and press written about Mikki, hit the link here.

Congratulations Mikki, and we hope all are inspired by your mantra: “Be outrageous, it’s the only place that isn’t crowded!”


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