New World to Explore for Andre Bormanis

August 17, 2010 rainmanagement

Tron-2Today, RMG client/writer Andre Bormanis begins the first of 22 episodes of Tron, the Disney Animated Series, in company with showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, series writers for LOST. Spawned from the highly anticipated TRON: LEGACY feature , set to arrive in theaters this December,  the animated series will follow a ten episode TRON miniseries and will premiere sometime in 2012.

Andre Bormanis  is best known for writing and advising on a number of Star Trek Enterprise, and Voyager episodes in addition to his technical advising for the Star Trek feature film, “Insurrection.” Most recently, Andre was a supervising producer for the television series, “Legend of the Seeker.” Andre’s intense background in rocket science and space exploration as well as his long history in television made him the perfect candidate for the animated series.

It all began in 1982 when the original Tron feature film hit theaters. An arcade video game shortly followed. Now, in the new age of advanced technology and special effects, Disney is retackling the project to give audiences what they have been craving since the ’82 was released.


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