More From Tim Long in Latest Issue of New Yorker

July 19, 2010 rainmanagement

cover_newyorker_190Be sure to pick up the latest issue of The New Yorker and read Tim Long’s new piece, “Long, Hot Summer”.  Here’s a small preview of the article and a link to read the rest on the official website:


“It’s summer again in the city—or so the calendar would have us believe. But, to those of us who lived through it, the only real New York summer occurred in 1977, when the city was ravaged by drugs, drugged by corruption, corrupted by murder, and murdered by ravagement. Here are a few selections from my journal that summer.

MAY 27th: Arrived at Port Authority with a brand-new diploma in one hand and a suitcase full of dreams in the other. Immediately robbed of diploma and suitcase by knife-wielding, glue-sniffing teen-agers. Am now filing report with Officer Raymond O’Malley, a strapping (six feet six!) N.Y.P.D. officer who really seems to care. Not all New Yorkers are bad!

MAY 27th (evening): Officer O’Malley turned out to be two knife-wielding, glue-sniffing teens inside a cop costume. They stole my wallet and undergarments. All New Yorkers are bad.” …….


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