Lee Thompson Young and Tyler Posey to appear on ABC Family’s Lincoln Heights

July 30, 2009 rainmanagement
ABC Family's Lincoln Heights starts 4th season on Sep. 14th

ABC Family's Lincoln Heights starts 4th season on Sep. 14th

RMG clients Lee Thompson Young (Smallville, Scrubs, Flash Forward) and Tyler Posey (Brothers and Sisters, Maid in Manhattan) will both appear on the upcoming 4th season of Lincoln Heights.  If you have been following the show and want to watch the “countdown” to the new season, click here.

Lee Thompson Young

Young will guest star as “Julian”, a handsome and intelligent New York City artist, and begins shooting this week along with Posey, who’s character will recur over several episodes.  You can catch up on the past three seasons by watching full episodes on ABC Family’s site.

Quick synopsis – “A drama series about Eddie Sutton, a Los Angeles Police Department officer who moves his family back to his old neighborhood, Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, California to start a new life and help out his old neighborhood. It is a dangerous place to raise a family, and through the many trials the family goes through, they soon learn that settling in is not as easy as it seems. While Officer Sutton struggles to cope with every day life as a street cop in Los Angeles, his kids try to fit in at their new schools and with their new neighbors.”

Tyler Posey


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