AMC Releases New Trailer for Dan Simmons’ ‘The Terror’

February 12, 2018 rainmanagement

The hotly-anticipated premiere of AMC’s The Terror, based on the novel by RMG client Dan Simmons, is just around the corner, and as is to be expected the show’s marketing is hitting full stride. AMC has just released a new trailer for the show, which hails from Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions.

At once gorgeous and terrifying, the trailer promises a show that is both richly detailed in its period-piece, polar adventure setting, and packed to the brim with genuine man-eating monster scares. And the ensemble cast, that includes such beloved actors as Ciarán Hinds, Jared Harris, and Tobias Menzies, looks to be bringing their A-game.

The Terror bows Monday, March 26th at 9/8c. Check out the full trailer over at


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