16 Bit High has a 10-episode order!

Above is the 1st episode of 16 Bit High by our clients at Very Important Productions: Daniel Dominguez, Adam Deyoe & Enzo Semmens, on the Smosh Games YouTube Channel! The new web video series has a 10-episode order, being released every other Saturday. Don’t miss episode 2 on March 15th!

16 Bit High features the voices of YouTube talent Jimmy Wong, Hannah Hart, Jack Douglass and Haley Mancini. The Premiere of 16 Bit High is an exapmle of the huge progress of Defy Media. Defy media is the product of the merge of Alloy Digital and Break Media and the owner of the Smosh Games YouTube Channel. For more on Defy media, check out the article in The Hollywood Reporter HERE. 

Check out the Smosh Games YouTube Channel HERE.


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